past writers

We are lucky to have had some of the most creative and most quirky writers share their thoughts, findings and observations. The following people all have generously contributed as writers to chickenmonkeydog in the past.

  • Jim


    Quirkiness Hound

    Whether dancing salsa in Miami, speaking Swahili in Tanzania, or throwing snowballs in Michigan, Jim thrives on keeping people on their toes. The variety of couches, cots, floors and inflatable mattresses on which he has slept over the past 5 years has made him a self-proclaimed international couch surfing expert. Although Jim has been described […]

  • Helen


    Quirkiness Hound

    After four years in England’s glorious capital and when the greyness got too much, Helen headed off to live in Summer – a pursuit which landed her teaching English to high school students in Thailand. That same trip brought her back to her home town of Cape Town, South Africa where Helen works as a […]

  • Sumanth


    Quirkiness Hound

    Sumanth can be described as itchy: itchy feet, itchy hands, itchier mind. He was born in India, brought up in Abu Dhabi (Yes, it’s a real place and no, we’re not giving Odie back), and now lives in Chicago after having spent the last 5 years in about 15 cities. After training as an engineer […]

  • Liz


    Quirkiness Hound

    Lizzy Bee, or Luz, is always on the go…She tries to do something new or something that scares her every week. This varies from kneeling in front of a nest of tarantulas to swimming in the Thames and World War II tunnels. Always looking for her next traveling adventure or sporting challenge, she is actively trying to […]

  • Parita


    Quirkiness Hound

    Parita is hungry! But hardly ever for edible goods. At the risk of sounding incredibly nerdy, she admits that she is hungry to learn. Parita works her tail off to master the nuances of design and creativity, in the hope that someday her efforts will be meaningful to more people than just herself. Born and […]

  • Michelle


    Quirkiness Hound

    Michelle wants to live in a world where everyone buzzes with a little madness and no good story remains untold. She spends her waking hours scheming and tinkering to connect people with the products and resources of their dreams. She’s particularly happy when she gets to use Twitter to do it. When she’s not reading […]

  • Sean


    Chicken Whisperer
    BK (Brooklyn, not Burger King)

    Born and raised in “the place where the whale burned,” Sean spent the first 18 years of his life in rural Upstate NY, mastering how to milk cows and do all the other hick things city-folk assume Upstaters might do, including catching frogs with one’s bare hands. Note, bare, not bear hands. Sean does not […]