Quirkiness Hound


After four years in England’s glorious capital and when the greyness got too much, Helen headed off to live in Summer – a pursuit which landed her teaching English to high school students in Thailand. That same trip brought her back to her home town of Cape Town, South Africa where Helen works as a graphic designer, word lover and avid follower of the white rabbit (not in the naughty way but in a be-open-to-new-experiences-and-follow-the-signs kind of way).

Helen facilitates creative problem solving sessions, creates rad designs, hand-crafts jewellery and is an obsessive-compulsive collector of stuff (like other people’s shopping lists, but more on that later).

A mountain walker, a wine lover and a general curious about life girl, Helen is here to share her thoughts, pics and general chicken-monkey-dogness with you beautiful people.

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