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As chickenmonkeydog evolves over time, we are lucky to have creative and quirky writers join our little team. As life goes, sometimes our writers move onto to other projects.

We’re Hiring!

Okay, actually, we’re not. We don’t pay anything. This is a completely hobby-like website. Yes, we’re dedicated to producing quality content for our readers. Yet, we don’t generate any income. We don’t run ads and we only shift a few mugs per month – hardly enough to pad our pockets.

So, anyone interested in joining our creative team will want to do so for the fun of it. For the joy of being part of something unique, something different.

What We’re Looking For

We’re eager to hear from people who look at the world a little differently. Who pause to inspect when something catches their eye. Who keep a look out for the idiosyncrasies of daily life.

We value diversity of culture, gender, location and more. As you can see, we have had a diverse group of writers over the years.

While most of our posts include some written copy, we’re really excited to meet photographers, illustrators and others who produce content in a different way.

What’s in the Gig?

We’re pretty flexible in our approach. We would ask for at least a single post per month and are open to publishing as many as 8-10 posts per month from the right person (depending on how many writers we have).

Posts all need to include at least one image, but that can be a photo, a sketch, a doodle … almost anything. But it needs to be original. We don’t borrow images and we respect copyrights.

How to Get Started

Simple: send us your details via the form below. Numbers allowing, we’ll respond to every application that we get, either to continue the conversation or to thank you for your time.

Writer Applications

  • Please upload an MS Word document or PDF of a few short writing samples. Free feel to include a image within the Word document or PDF.
    Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 2 MB.
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