about cmd

Welcome to chickenmonkeydog. We hope that as you read our writings, you’ll understand, or at least be entertained by, our musings. This blog has come about in part as a move by two brothers who enjoy creative writing and wanted to pursue that passion outside of their professional endeavors.

chickenmonkeydog is about putting those odd thoughts, which we all have on occasion, into writing. It is a different look at the world we live in and is meant to be aesthetic, esoteric, pithy, humorous and captivating.

For example, when you’re at the doughnut shop and wondering why they have holes in the middle, you probably could come up with some reasonable and rational explanations for why exactly that is, but this blog is not about that. This blog is about exploring the more quirky and exceptional reasons you consider for why there might be holes in the middle – some misguided diet plan to cut a doughnut’s calorie count by a quarter?

Welcome to your world, through our eyes.

why is it called chickenmonkeydog?

chickenmonkeydog. It sounds like a riddle, or one of Aesop’s fables, or the name of a strange canine species discovered on a remote Pacific island – named after peculiar characteristics shared with other animals. But if we were going to try to explain where the name for this blog really came from, it would go a little something, like this:

chicken – chickens are curious → why did the chicken cross the road?

monkey – well, monkeys are silly → like cheeky monkeys.

dog – dogs are useful, talented and versatile → watchdog, fire dog, seeing-eye dog.

Plus, it just flows. The natural symphonic and aesthetic expression resulting from the combination of these three words is rarely found and more frequently stumbled upon than discovered – a true reflection of the beauty that is in the world around us. chickenmonkeydog. It rolls off the tongue and has you thinking, “I don’t know what it is, but I like it.”

Or, if you prefer …

Chicken, monkey, dog … all animals, all live on land, yet all very different. Loosely connected in the grand scheme of life … so loosely that many may not see the immediate connection. But we do. We do.