Quirkiness Hound


Sumanth can be described as itchy: itchy feet, itchy hands, itchier mind.

He was born in India, brought up in Abu Dhabi (Yes, it’s a real place and no, we’re not giving Odie back), and now lives in Chicago after having spent the last 5 years in about 15 cities.

After training as an engineer and working as a consultant, he’s now settled into his passion: medicine.

He is enamored with the idea of innovation, especially the cross-pollination of ideas across unrelated disciplines. He also realizes that he may be rationalizing his meanderings through various fields.

Sumanth likes to “impulse learn” and picks up random hobbies on a whim. Past conquests have included hang-gliding school, juggling, archery and sign language. He welcomes any suggestions for future endeavors.

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