Quirkiness Hound


Lizzy Bee, or Luz, is always on the go…She tries to do something new or something that scares her every week. This varies from kneeling in front of a nest of tarantulas to swimming in the Thames and World War II tunnels.

Always looking for her next traveling adventure or sporting challenge, she is actively trying to beat the total number of countries that Conall has been to and the number of hours Liam works….  From climbing Kili, swimming in the Nile with cows, to running marathons that serve wine every 5km, Liz is up for it!

Liz is also a bit obsessed with renewable energy, cars, bollards and transport in general. She particularly likes bikes and pedestrians. She stumbled across Liam in London a few years ago when he  was trying to teach his folding bike to unfold on command…Liz lives in the UK where she sees chickens, monkeys and dogs on a daily basis, particularly when traveling on public transport

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