the writers

At chickenmonkeydog, we make a point of sharing our quirky musings and observations with the world. Currently, we are two creative writers and thinkers. We have previously had a number of different people writing for our wonderful little website.

  • Conall


    Chief Instigator

    Conall has the uneasy feeling that he is living vicariously through himself. Hailing from Chicago, a city he loves, Conall is currently a left-handed resident of Philadelphia. Although, he constantly departs from there on trips around the world to satisfy his passion for exploring. Conall has visited 38 countries across 4 continents and has a […]

  • Liam


    Lead Code Breaker
    The 'burbs of Philadelphia

    A communications designer with print and web experience garnered over two continents, Liam likes to think he is cooler than he really is. Liam runs a small, multinational, communications design consultancy called LBDesign, where he is gaining a reputation for randomly breaking out in song during telephone conferences with clients. When not working on client […]

  • Lauren


    Dog Walker
    Philadelphia Suburbs

    Lauren has made her way around studying various creative outlets. As a child, she could have been found kneeling at the coffee table, drawing whatever image had floated into her brain as she tried to go to sleep. From there emerged a journey through painting, photography, and ceramics. She is an English major turned web […]

  • Sean


    Chicken Whisperer
    BK (Brooklyn, not Burger King)

    Born and raised in “the place where the whale burned,” Sean spent the first 18 years of his life in rural Upstate NY, mastering how to milk cows and do all the other hick things city-folk assume Upstaters might do, including catching frogs with one’s bare hands. Note, bare, not bear hands. Sean does not […]