Quirkiness Hound


Parita is hungry! But hardly ever for edible goods. At the risk of sounding incredibly nerdy, she admits that she is hungry to learn. Parita works her tail off to master the nuances of design and creativity, in the hope that someday her efforts will be meaningful to more people than just herself.

Born and raised in Bombay, India, Parita is ferociously patriotic. If you see her on the phone, she’s probably on line with the animal hospital reporting the injury of a stray chicken, monkey, dog, cat, cow or pigeon; leaving a sing-song voicemail for a friend or pacifying her mother that she is okay, wherever she is.

She is absolutely thrilled by a Bollywood breezy-hair moment (and can provide clarification if you do not know what that is). Parita is also a terrible cook, a slow walker, and a complete idiot when it comes to directions. But, she will beat you at table tennis! If you beat her, she will not talk to you so keep some chocolate handy!

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