Step on a Crack

There I was, walking along the sidewalk of Mumbai, India.  Heads up! What’s that? It seems to be a pretty major hole in the middle of the sidewalk!

Hole in a Mumbie sidewalk

It IS a big hole in the sidewalk. Imagine that. Luckily I saw it before any accident befell me.

It turns out that not all the passers-by were quite as lucky.  One poor pedestrian approached the hole with one more shoe than they walked away with.

Croc dropped in sidewalk hole

If you were walking and one of your shoes dropped into a hole in the sidewalk, would you abandon the shoe or try to retrieve it?


  1. I think it would depend on the situation. If I still had to walk a long ways, I would fight for it. If I were about to go on a date or a business meeting, I would fight for it. If they were super expensive shoes and I’m in a country where my feet are twice the size of the average person, I would fight for it.

    But actually, if I wanted to act like me, I would take off the other shoe, set it beside the hole, and let some other passerby fight for it, while I frolicked down the street, enjoying barefooted ecstasy.

  2. I’d get the shoe. If that’s the state of the sidewalk, there’s bound to be further challenges ahead for which shoes would come in handy … like broken glass, sharp rocks and dirty water.

  3. If that is an example of the condition of the sidewalk, why wouldn’t you wear shoes that properly secure to your feet?

  4. Come on, you’re in India and that’s the biggest hole in the pavement you’ve seen? I walk a lot, a lot let me stress on it and I prefer to walk on the road than on th pavement because of the condition of the so-called pavements. In calicut, my home town, we hear of stories where the slab on pavement giving away and people fracturing their legs!
    As far as the shoe is concerned, I might let it be and limp to the nearest shop to get a cheap pair of sandals =P

  5. @ Balu

    By no means was it the BIGGEST sidewalk hole I’ve seen, but it was for the clever shoe trap that it caught my attention. I am always so nervous on these sidewalks! They have gaping holes and deep gulches beneath; a cracked slab would be seriously dangerous. Ouch!

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