Goofy Garbs

Some goofy graduation garb

My roommates graduated from med school this weekend wherein they wore the traditional cap and gown. And when I say traditional, I mean one wacky outfit that would otherwise only be fit to be worn by your one friend who likes to go all out for the Renaissance fair. This photo doesn’t even include the huge multicolored “scarf”.

Is it strange that as you further your education the more wild and ridiculous your outfit becomes? In the olden days it signified your importance but today wouldn’t it be nice if we graduated into a less outlandish style as you further your education?

The history behind these clothes date back hundreds of years but so do male wigs, doublets, snoods, and dozens more articles of outdated clothing. Can you think of any other historically based articles of clothing that are similarly only used for special occasions? Does a wedding gown fit into this category?

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