Going Pro as a Shopper

J. Crew personal shopper

Personal Shopper

How much does one have to shop at J. Crew before they give you your own business card just for shopping there?

Once I knew a gal who received a hand-written personal thank you note from Saks Fifth Avenue for her purchases earlier that week. But a business card? If you get one of those, you must really be spending LOADS of shopping time at the J.Crew.


  1. I think that might be what they call their employees. I have only been there a few times, but I know from a friend who does frequent that store that the employees gain commission for every person they help in the store so the employees could be considered personal shoppers.

  2. Bridget is correct. The store employs “Personal Shoppers” to shop for other people. Many department stores have Personal Shoppers available (for a price) to pick out clothes for you. It’s like having a stylist.

  3. @ Bridget + Meghan,

    Oh, well that makes a heck of a lot more sense! Phew! Sort of a weird job title, but at least now I understand.

    Thanks for the clarification.

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