Pocket and Forget It

small shirt pocket

I don’t know how many times I have worn this shirt, but it is probably on the order of thirty or so.

Pretty sure that every single time I wear it, or nearly so, I try to put something into the chest pocket.  Each time, I am disappointed to find that the label patch is sewn so that pocket barely opens.

Argh! How frustrating!  All the more so because I never am able to remember that the pocket does not open before trying to put something in it.


  1. I had the same problem with a pair of trousers once. They were my favourite pair, except that they had these silly pockets I could never use. I decided to cut the stitches so that I could use the pockets… bad idea. The pockets started flopping out, looking all wonky. And so, tragically, my favourite trousers wound up at the local charity shop.

    @forkboy1965 – I’m sorry to have shared such a tragic tale, given your sad state. I do hope you’ll manage to read it without shedding needless tears. (Not to worry… I have a new set of favourite trousers and am confident that my old pair are making someone else quite happy.)

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