Pabst, for Discerning Tastes

NPR is supported by Pabst

I was surprised to see that Pabst Blue Ribbon is now sponsoring NPR via its iPhone app. Do opera-attending, left-leaning, cultural elitists really slug back cans of PBR?


  1. I live in a neighborhood with tons of hipsters. They love drinking PBR and almost all of them carry NPR bags. I think the ad is not directed at the older generation of NPR listeners, but the younger ones.

  2. So the message here is that hipsters enjoy the taste of what I’m certain is horse piss in a can?

  3. Having been in more than a few bars with plywood flooring that only serve beer in a can, I can say that I’ve knocked back a few cans of PBR. And none of those bars had NPR cranking on the radio. It seems a very odd advertising avenue to me. Can any of the CMD readers snap a photo of these hipsters drinking PBR? That would be a photo worth seeing.

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