F-Bombed on the Children’s Menu

An f-bomb on a children's menu

Over the weekend, I went with some family to Joe’s Crab Shack. Included in our little family party was at least one child. While we worked together on the Beach Word Search, one child saw a word that was not on the list of words. At first, I was proud of the youngster. Then as I glanced at the word, I realized that maybe it was time to move onto another, perhaps less risky, pre-lunch activity.

(If you need help, check out the bottom right corner of word search. Look for the word circled in green crayon. Then look just above that circle.)

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  1. The probability of FBOMB being picked randomly are 1:1,490,116,100,000,000,000. The probability of the word BOMB existing their and F being randomly chosen in front of it 1:26.

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