Universal Color Coding for Milk Gallon Caps

milk caps

We’ve all be there. For you, maybe it began late at night.

You opened the refrigerator for a midnight snack. You gasped in dismay. There’s not enough milk for coffee and cereal in the morning.

Ever the brave soul, you trudged out into the night to your local grocery store, quick mart or stop-and-rob. You grab a gallon of milk out of the milk fridge.

Returning home, you get back into bed comforted by the knowledge that you’ve done right by the family and that there’ll be delicious hot coffee for you in the morning.

The alarm sounds. You slip downstairs to get the coffee ready. You reach into the fridge and — WHAMO! You suddenly realize that you bought whole milk last night! But! But?! But! That white cap is 1% at our grocery store! How could the quick mart selling whole milk with a white cap?!?

This happened to me recently. But it could have happened to anyone, anywhere.

I think we need to use this situation as a battle cry! Let’s demand that our national politicians stop messing about anything and everything and SORT OUT this milk problem right now. We need universal color coding for milk gallon gaps … and we needed it yesterday!

What am I going to do with an entire of whole milk?


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