Enter the Bacon

There are a few gems of restaurants in every city, and last week I had the pleasure of enjoying “Bacon Night” at one such restaurant in Pittsburgh.  Not only were baskets of bacon available for only $1, but if you sat at the bar the bacon was served free all night long!

Chickenmonkeydog editor Conall eating bacon

Do you think I like bacon too much?  After ordering one initial basket, I ordered the pork shank, which was served still frozen on the inside, and since I don’t prefer to eat uncooked pork I just followed up with three additional baskets of the good stuff.

Baskets of bacon

Heart, I am sorry.  Stomach, you’re welcome.


  1. I think even your heart enjoyed the bacon. Bacon is a natural heart-healthy secret “they” don’t want you to know about. Kevin Trudeau told me so.

  2. So, based on your ‘research’, does bacon lead to hang-overs?

    My thinking (and presumably the bar’s as well) is that bacon is salty. Salty food leads to thirsty mouth. Thirsty mouth leads to another beer. Another beer eventually flows into hangover …

  3. @ Conall:

    In the UK we have a tug-of-war involving bacon going on. Not real tug of war with bacon as rope…

    The EC wants the bacon mfrs to reduce nitrates which serve as preservative while the UK government wants them to reduce salt whose preservative properties, the industry argues, are even more important in the face of reducing nitrates.

    Leaving aside for a second the question over ‘who has sovereignty over whom’, this post simply reminded me of that debate. When all I should have remembered that bacon butties are hot favourites (literal and metaphorical) on a chilly morning on golf courses (and elsewhere in Britain..).

  4. @ Operandi

    Kevin Trudeau’s approval is all I need to feel good about eating bacon! Thanks.

    @ Shefaly

    Oh no! Bacon should be the solution to life’s problems, not the cause. What are bacon butties? Perhaps they are along the lines of a pastry you can get at select bakeries in Chicago which is dough wrapped and baked around a few pieces of bacon; affectionately termed “heart-attack torpedoes” by some. Delicious.

  5. @ Conall:

    I do not know those ones you describe… But bacon butties are just bacon sandwiches. Yes, they too could be described as High BP On A Plate but then there is the crisp butty or chip butty, which are Obesity In A Wrap perhaps? 😉

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