Disguised Guy

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Disguised familiar Item
This startled fellow enjoys going about with a disguise from time to time, but most days he just sits around your desk dressed for work. Can you see through the hair and beard to recognize him?

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  1. It definitely looks like some kind of outlet or plug, but I am struggling to visualize the entire object.

    I give up.

  2. Perhaps a contest is in order!

    First one to guess correctly will get an extremely fashionable chickenmonkeydog coffee mug!

    Liam, you’re on the right track with that it is “some kind of outlet or plug” no need to visualize the entire object, just identify what kind of outlet or plug.

    Go team!

  3. Boom! That’s right Jordan. CMD mug en route to you. Please hop over to our contact us page and shoot us an email with your preferred address.

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