Puzzle Ascent

What is the word or phrase for this point in time during solving a puzzle?

You have collected a bunch of pieces with the same colors and patterns, so you know that they generally go together. However, you know they are going to be hard to figure out how to assemble, so you have been putting off addressing them. 

What’s the word for the moment when you finally collect your cottage, take a deep breath, and attack the problem? 

Puzzle solvers out there, do not let me think that I am the only one who knows this phenomenon first hand.

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  1. I have started to thoroughly enjoy jigsaw puzzles. I tend to do most of my puzzle solving at night to relax before bed.

    I certainly avoid some areas of the puzzle until there are less unplaced pieces, but I always thought it was because my mind was just tired and couldn’t handle it. Glad to hear that others practice such puzzling techniques.

    I call the time to attack the problem…Go time.

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