Care Notice for Those Who Wash Laundry as a Hobby

In looking at the care instructions on a set of warm-up trousers I recently bought, I was surprised by what I read:

Care instructions label

The key bit of text reads:

If it’s not dirty wash at 30°

What?! If it’s not dirty, why wash it at all? Are there really people who do laundry for fun? Perhaps as a hobby?


  1. I am under the impression that my daughter believes I do laundry for my own amusement. She is capable of wearing at least 4 different outfits in one day, and also uses the laundry basket as storage for things that don’t fit in her wardrobe.

  2. Hi Rachel:

    Ha-ha! I don’t mind the washing, it’s the post-wash sorting and folding that I find less than amusing.

    Thanks for visiting chickenmonkeydog and for the entertaining comment!

  3. @ Liam

    I don’t think a “set” of trousers means a “pair” of trousers in this label, I think it means two “pairs” of trousers. To me that says that this pair of trousers came with another pair of trousers. Hence, Mark’s question:

    “Shopping in bulk for trousers?”

  4. Frankly, I am wondering what all those symbols mean. Something about a glass of water with 40 in (perhaps this is the British version of a 40 ounce malt beverage?) and putting extra “arms” into your tee-pee? I am not sure about the eye inside the box, or the creepy little alien figure, but clearly we are not to use circles.

  5. @ Mark –

    Oh! I owe you an apology. I thought you were digging on my choice of verbiage. I didn’t realise that you were wondering about the wording on the label. Oops! Sorry.

    Yes, the trousers were sold as a set: 1 red pair and 1 blue pair.

    @ Conall –

    Thanks for clarifying. Nice one, Mr Editor. Much appreciated.

  6. I’ll take it that these are UK trousers and explain the symbols 🙂 They’re really boring, but these seem to be quite high maintenance trousers!
    In order from the right:
    Wash at 40 degrees. Do not use Chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low heat only. Iron on medium setting and finally, do not dry clean.

    Yeah. I have too much time on my hands. But after wrecking on load of washing, I always look at the labels.

  7. @ Madiechan:

    Welcome to chickenmonkeydog! Thanks for visiting and thanks for the comment.

    Your answer definitely sounds like it has come from experience! Sorry to hear about the wrecked laundry – but thanks for sharing the knowledge!

    @ Tazeen:

    Thank you!

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