Call to Invention: Leg Jacket

Calling all fashion designers!

It is time for someone in the fashion industry to invent a practical “jacket” for the legs. Why is it ok for the upper-body to be layered with clothing, but the legs just get pants? Sure, one can always wear multiple pairs of pants, but is it as easy to put on (or take off) a second pair of pants as it is to put on a jacket?  And, where’s the “scarf of the legs”?

We need action here, people.

Today at I was sitting with a group of people at the office and we were directly below an air conditioning vent. The area was a bit chilly, which was fine with me, but my co-workers were cold. One of them had a sport coat on, so was reasonably comfortable on the upper half of his body, but the dress slacks he had on just didn’t cut it.

Designers: go to work! Let me know when you’ve got something.


  1. Well, I am no designer, but I will give this a go:

    1) For the cowboy union meeting or Harley Davidson rally that gets just a wee bit too cold on the legs: chaps

    2) For the Where Eagles Dare style rescue mission, when the old knees are quaking because of the cold: snow pants

    3) For the casual, around-the-home, air-con-too-cold situation: track suit bottoms

    Admittedly, I see no immediate remedy to the office related concerns mentioned in the above post, but I would like to think I have made a valuable contribution to the overall discussion of ‘leg jackets’.

  2. Get yourself to the nearest John Lewis or Needless Markups (Neiman Marcus) and buy some good cashmere leggings/ stockings! They are the secret that allows us girls to wear short skirts and dresses even in peak winter.

  3. @ Liam and Shefaly

    Indeed, those are good solutions offered, but I don’t think anything currently available really approaches the convenience of a jacket. One might put on and take off a coat 10 times in a day, and never think much of it, but if one had to put on and take off snow pants 10 times, it would be annoying. The track suit pants that have Velcro or buttons for easy removal have half of the recipe right, but are still annoying to put on, especially if you already have one pair of pants on.

  4. Perhaps those who developed the concept for “Shirt For Pants” might be able to come up with something to help????

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