Champagne Toast – Can It Be Improved?

Last week, on New Years Day I came to the realization that I am always left a little disappointed by the celebration. When midnight came around and we officially rang in the New Year, we followed the traditional of celebrating with a champagne toast. 

Sure, I enjoy champagne as much as the next person, but by that time of night I am always starting to get hungry (as it is several hours after dinner) and I think there is a small part of me that just wishes there was actually some toast served along with the champagne. Anyone else interested in some toast?

Smashed bottle of 'champagne'

Of course, the lack of toast was not as disappointing as the fact that one of my upstairs neighbors decided that the best way to ring in 2009 was to throw a bottle off their balcony and down onto my front porch. Nothing like shattered glass to help your neighbors ring in the new year.


  1. @ Tazeen

    I would! I love toast and think it is a great complement to near any snack and / or drink. So simple, so delicious. I kinda want some toast to eat right now.

  2. The question is Conall, would it be plain toast? Or perhaps with butter and a selection of jams and cheese?

  3. I think, with champagne, I might opt for rye toast, with simply a little bit of butter on it. Or a pumpernickel with a little bit of cheese.

  4. @ Conall –

    I have to say that I think it was probably your champagne intake levels that made you want toast. Sure, you were hungry, but the only reason you wanted cooked bread was that your muddled mind couldn’t think of any other food at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Ha-ha!

  5. Not at all! I only had half a flute of champagne and not much to drink all night. It was a very tame and refined New Years, which might explain why I was more interested in toast than burritos.

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