Friends Helping Friends

Posted 28 Jul 2014

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Friends don't let friends go to hell

Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. And, according to the Church of God of Prophecy, they don’t let each other endure eternal fire either.

A stick painted red and blue

I went to a park near my house yesterday evening. It was a cool night, with a gentle breeze and a lovely sunset. It was the kind of night where it’s just nice to be outside.

When I arrived at the park, something just off the playground caught my attention. As I stepped closer, I realized it was a stick, painted red and blue and rammed into the dirt.

I was immediately impressed by this. Presumably some child had spent the afternoon creating and playing with the stick. At some point in that playing, the stick “needed” to be shoved into ground. It was suddenly abandoned when the child’s mother, or perhaps a passing ice cream truck, called to the child — it was time to leave. In the distraction of leaving, the painted stick was left behind.

A painted stick. So simple. Yet so imaginative. I wonder what game the child had played with it.

City of Murals

Posted 24 Jul 2014

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Here is to Philly, city of murals. Beautiful, ugly, small, large, clean, dirty, artistic, graffiti, and all.

Thanks for making the streets I walk down every day a bit quirkier and a bit more interesting.

Is your friendship in serious trouble and in need of emergency friendship assistance? This Friendship Ambulance is just a phone call away from speeding to your aid!

Those first few moments are critical, so be quick on the dial and get your friendship the urgent professional assistance it needs!

Spraying bullets into a house diagram

Hollywood action movies always include a scene where the bad guys shoot up the house (hotel room, apartment, office, etc.) where the good guys are hiding. The bad guys always fire their sub-machine guns from the hip, spraying bullets into the area highlighted in red above.

As if on cue, the good guys always drop to the floor. It turns out, that’s a pretty smart move because no one on the bad guy assassination team ever gets assigned to shoot into the lower levels of the house. (See the green highlights above.) The good guys live through the attack and the movie can progress as planned.

If I were to go into the Hollywood bad guy business, I would differentiate myself in what must be a competitive market by only shooting into the lower sections of the room. No, not as glamorous or cool looking as shooting from the hip, but I’d certainly be able to deliver results. Want the movie to end suddenly and unexpectedly? I’m your hitman.

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