It is great to know that the tickets are now available, but it might be nice to know where or how one may get hold of such tickets.

Perhaps the Park District Fundraiser is only for adventurous explorers, who can solve the mystery and discover the secret source of said tickets.

A Watch Children sign

I see these signs all around where I live. I know what they are intending — keep an eye out for children while driving.

Yet, I find the lack of that little word ‘for’ as a problem. Can we not afford the extra three letters so as to make our intention unmistakeable?

Universal Password

Posted 29 Aug 2014

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Upon checking in to a hotel in Mexico City, I was given this piece of paper with the WIFI password written on it.


Even if nothing else translates, it’s good to see that the generic WIFI password is the same everywhere.

Not Ready to Move Out Yet

Posted 28 Aug 2014

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A pine tree

A pinecone

When out for a stroll, I noticed this little pinecone not wanting to leave the gentle, comforting arms of its mother. As you can see, it was the only pinecone still left on the tree. It wasn’t quite ready to move out on its own just yet — and I bet its mama was okay with that.

The flag of Scotland

As Scotland prepares for a referendum on whether it should leave the United Kingdom, I began to wonder what I might like to vote myself free of.

No, no, not in a political sense — this is a stoutly apolitical blog — but in a more general, personal and quirky sense.

For example, I would like to vote myself out of the group of people who procrastinate. I would also like to vote myself into the group of people who can speak three or more languages. I may also wish to vote myself into being a million dollar lottery winner.

What would you vote yourself into or out of?

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