A metal port with 18

Over the past few months, I’ve seen similar yellow posts stuck in the ground in varying locations around where I live. The posts appear to be hollow, coming up out of the ground about 4 feet or so and with a sharp angled bend at the top of the post. (Note: I’ve just started noticing the posts; they don’t appear to be recently constructed.)

A number of these posts have what appears to be a marker or ID number over the post.

Does anyone know what these are for?


When space is limited and throughput is prioritized over personal space and comfort, consider the back-to-back-to-back urinal placement. Works well even in a corner less than a square meter.


Posted 17 Jul 2014

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I always considered the “spare a square” moment from Seinfeld to be the most embarrassing public bathroom experience ever. That was before the exact opposite happened to me a few days ago.

A hand installing a fresh toilet roll

Someone decided to refill the toilet paper while I was still doing my business on the other side. Can you imagine how startling it was for a hand to suddenly show up through the stall wall.

Installing the roll in the compact slot was tricky apparently, and took quite a few tries. I got over it eventually and assisted in aligning the roll (and another) from my end.

A playground

Traipsing through a bit of holiday of late, I had the opportunity to take a number of children (including nieces and nephews) over to a local park. It’s a wonderful little place for children to play.

I was having a blast playing tag, chasing the children and enjoying a great afternoon out of the office.

Until I ran out of breath and happened to stop in front of a particular post on the playground. The warning notice caught my attention.

A healty and safety warning

Wow. That’s a buzzkill.

But then, did they really need to add that sticker on the playground pieces? Could they not have just included a warning letter in the packaging? Could the manufacturer not have run seminars for companies selling and installing its products on how to safety install a playground?

The rest of my time on the playground was decidedly less carefree and playful.

Honking Isn’t Enough

Posted 15 Jul 2014

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Do you ever feel like a little beep or even a long blast on your car horn isn’t enough?

I have certainly wished for a fire engine horn or better yet a ship horn in my car, to really let people know I was coming through.

Towable bells, however, could be a whole new world of automotive communication.

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