Green Lighted?

Posted 17 Apr 2014

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A green lighted screen

Does this mean the conference room is available or occupied? I’m wondering how much worse this dilemma would be if this were a bathroom stall instead!

The Entrance Games

Posted 16 Apr 2014

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So, is it an entrance? Or is it not? Only you can decide.

An entrance sign on a door

Close-up of an entrance sign on a door

Super close-up of an entrance sign on a door

Cheers to a reader in Philadelphia for sharing this metaphysical challenge with us!

Life's too short to clean your own home

The above image is a scan of the cover of an advertising brochure that arrived in my mailbox recently. Really, America? Has it come to that? We can’t even be asked to clean up our own mess?

A cat sleeping on the armrest of a sofa

Spending 14 hours on a bus en route to a conference this weekend, I’m learning a bit about human behavior. What a microcosm of creature comforts — or, perhaps, discomforts! For starters, some seem partial to particular (and sometimes quirky) sleeping positions. Watching all these heads bobbing, I can’t help but wonder how a few of these passengers achieved the contorted body angles they’re currently snoozing in. I swear some people could fall asleep on a stop sign, if need be.

Do you have a quirky sleep routine?

Mind Your Head

Posted 11 Apr 2014

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mind your head sign
This sign over a short doorway is good advice. I’ve been trying to think of other similarly useful phrases which also have that playful element captured by the fact that the mind is part of the head, while simultaneously watching over it.

The best I’ve got so far is, heart your body. Which is, admittedly, not good.

Hear are some of my failed attempts:

Toe your foot
Elbow your arm
Lung your chest
Do nothing to your appendix
Acid your stomach

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