Password Change Day

Posted 24 Apr 2014

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Every time that I change my password, it takes me about a week to stop typing in the old password each time I sit down to work.

I wonder how much productivity is lost every ninety days when company security policies require login passwords to be changed.

Walking Man

Posted 23 Apr 2014

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A walking man

Seen in a parking garage at a shopping complex.

I get that the sign is supposed to represent the walkway but the man is only walking towards the stores. What if he wants to leave? I guess the stores prefer you stay anyway. Or maybe just maybe you are supposed to walk to the stores and moonwalk to the car?

Batman Construction Crew

Posted 22 Apr 2014

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Ever wonder how Batman built the Bat Cave? I wonder if he ever hires out for construction work when the crime fighting market slows down. Not that he’d need the money, just for a change of pace.

Here is a shot of the machine in the day. I guess even Bat-Construction crews need to grab gas and a snack sometime.


Seriously, have you ever seen a blacked out construction vehicle? Are they trying to minimize visibility of the machine, or just look cool?

Even in Japan the hearty and delicious taste of country cooking is appreciated (at least by branding teams).

Full disclosure, this pre-packed and highly processed “Country Ma’am” cookie was pretty tasty.

Chicken Feet

Posted 17 Apr 2014

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shoes and slippers
After setting my shoes toe to toe against the generic complimentary slippers provided by my hotel in Tokyo, I can confirm that my feet are in fact big in Japan.

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