Sandbagging with No Sand

sandless sandbags

Recently I caught up with a friend over coffee at my local grocery store. In my current neck of the woods, local grocery stores often double as cafes.

As I chatted over the course of the morning, a plastic storage container caught my eye. I investigated further. Sandless sandbags. Huh. That’s interesting.

A few weeks later, a thought suddenly popped into my head. What if those sandless sandbags were actually the latest idea in HR at the work place?

Avoid office politics, reduce on-the-job backstabbing, and gentle workplace nastiness by only allowing staff to sandbag their coworkers with sandless sandbags.

The jerky guy in the meat department is happy because he gets to sandbag that idiot in the bakery, while the poor guy in the bakery can rest assured that jerky’s meanness is pretty much harmless.

Yeah, that’s what I think those bags are for. Well done, HR department. I’m impressed.

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