Yet Another Thing Ruined by Something Great!

Have you ever enjoyed something that was really, truly great? It may have been a movie, a meal, a friend, the weather, a drink — but something that was really just loads better than the next best thing you’ve ever experienced in that category.

Let me give you an example. Nearly five years ago, I went out for buffalo wings and a beer with some friends and family. We went to a local watering hole here in Chicago. Much to my surprise, the wings were so delicious, meaty, well-seasoned and low-cost that even now I can recall exact details about the dish.

What I did not realize at the time, however, is that experiencing those great tasting wings was going to have seriously ruinous effects on all my subsequent wing-eating experiences. Because the standard for greatness is now set so high, all other wings simply fall short. Even if I am enjoying really good buffalo wings now, there is still a bit of disappointment that they are not as good as they could be.

This terrible side effect of great things ruining good things probably carries over into many aspects of life. Has it ever happened to you?


  1. The simple but arduous solution is to give up wings for a period of time. When you come back to them, your liking of them will be reset to factory standards. It works with other features as well.

  2. Jordan is on to something. When I came back from Ireland, US Guinness tasted so bad I could not enjoy it. After a break of six – eight months though, I was able to drink it again. No, I have not forgotten the delicious taste of the Guinness in Ireland, but it does not bother me as much when drinking the less tasty stuff here.

  3. Yes! And my story also centers on Chicago.

    Growing up in Florida my experience with Mexican food was pretty much limited to Taco Bell.

    Hardly Mexican. Hell… who are we kidding? Hardly food.

    So it was with great trepidation I tried a Mexican joint in Cicero named Indio (on Cermak, just west of Austin Blvd.). It was recommended by a new friend after I had just moved to Cicero from Florida.

    Burrito heaven it is. Traditional. Stuffed with top-quality ingredients. And very inexpensive.

    It became my go-to place to eat an awful lot (being single at the time cooking was a chore and boring).

    Every burrito since has been judged by the Indio standard and not one, from anywhere, had ever lived up to the Indio experience until late last year when I was turned on to a local place here in the Dayton area. It’s almost as perfect.. near enough as makes no difference.

    And let me tell you… this is a very good thing as I have been known to make the 12-hour round trip to Chicago just to stop by a few restaurants. Including Indio.

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