Winter Glove Gremlin

two hands with only one glove Losing one winter glove is simply to be a participant in the great cold weather ritual, by which lonely single gloves are distributed seemingly at random across the parking lots, sidewalks and crosswalks of frigid landscapes.

It happens.

And if I’d lost my winter glove out and about, I’d actually be somewhat proud to be a contributor to this great tradition.

However, that is not what happened to me and my glove.


Last spring I packed my pair of gloves up nice and securely, to sit and wait for fall to end.  Then, when I went to retrieve them for the winter months of 2010, lo and behold, there was only one glove where last there were two.

I blame the winter glove gremlins, ruthlessly rooting through basements and closets and boxes and bags to surreptitiously separate two gloves that were meant to be together.

It’s shameful.


  1. Somehow those gremlins managed to steal two pairs of my gloves since early November! If I can even one of them, they are going to get a proper whitewash!

  2. @ SaSaSa!

    I don’t know anything about “fate gremlins,” but I suspect that the winter glove gremlins probably avoid hanging out with those bad boys.

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