Why You Gotta Lie to Me?

Does anyone else find it irritating when stores use advertisements stating that everything is on sale, only to use the next line to specify exceptions?

40% off everything sale

except Spanx products

I have seen this sort of advertisement often enough to know that one can’t believe the initial promise, still it is aggravating.

Why not just say “almost everything”? Or at the very least you could leave out the “absolutely” in “absolutely everything” when you know for a fact that not everything is included.


  1. To me, the poster sounds like a liquidation sale where literally everything is for sale – stock, shelves, cash registers, etc.

  2. Ya know, one should be spanked for such false advertising. I say bring back spanking (in the most innocent way) for those who trick others. Or maybe just draw a circle on the dry erase board and make people stick their nose to it until class ends..

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