Train Sleepers

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Seats on a train car

Some of us are train sleepers, others are not. The population seems pretty well divided.

As a train sleeper myself, I am the kind of person who feels completely comfortable sleeping in public on moving trains; in fact, I cannot resist the onslaught of sleep when I’m on a train for more than twenty minutes.

Others, I’m frequently told, find this weird and totally different from their train ride experiences. They do not sleep on trains, never do, and find imagining it a bit unsettling.

Though curious to know which type of person you are, I am more curious to know why you think there is such a divide.

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  1. My initial thoughts on reasons why people would dislike sleeping on the train:
    Comfort with sleeping in public; Safety/theft, social anxiety of some sort (Being that guy who snores), general vulnerability..
    Fear of missing your stop

    • Missed stop? Yep, been there.

      Snored loudly? Yep, done that.

      Theft? Fortunately, no. I generally loop a bag strap under my leg so anyone pulling on it would wake me up.

      General vulnerability? That’s pretty much life for me. Sleeping in public doesn’t add to that for me.

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