No Additional Shaving Cream Needed

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 You are shaving. 

You dispense a dollop of shaving cream or shaving gel into your hand.

You rinse off the spout and place the can back on the counter. 

You are done with the canister and do not need it again for the rest of your shave.
Minutes later, or hours later, whenever you next look back at the shaving gel can, there is additional gel or foam which went ahead and ejected from the spout on its own.

Does this byproduct of the shaving process irritate anyone else out there? 

Quirk it: 2 Likes


  1. Yes. It causes the capt to get stuck sometimes. Annoying.

    It happens because the jell that is left in the nozzle expands. I usually run the nozzle under warm water for a few seconds, but even then it comes back.

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