The Male Problem of Bellybutton Lint

A heavy set man's bare belly

In casual observance and study of a personal issue, I have come to the conclusion that bellybutton lint is a uniquely adult male issue.

Children never complain of bellybutton lint.

I’ve never encountered a woman who complained of too much lint in her bellybutton. Okay, I give you that some women would be unlikely to admit such a personal issue in a mixed crowd. But some women would talk about it — and more still might let it slip after a drink or two. Yet I have never heard a woman speak of it as a personal issue that effects her.

That leads me to conclude that it must only be an adult male issue. But why? Is it stomach hair that drives lint into the belly? Does it only afflict men who wear cotton undershirts or t-shirts?

These thoughts pass through my head on more-regular of a schedule than I might be willing to admit.

Lastly, you should be grateful that I went with a sketch rather than an photo.


  1. Perhaps the process that collects bellybutton lint is the same (on a small scale) that collects lint in spin dryers.

    Science-minded people: weigh in.

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