The Grades That Matter

An "A" report card

On a recent jaunt into Manhattan, I was surprised to see that the Indian restaurant where I planned to eat lunch had posted its sanitary inspection grade report on the front door of the restaurant.

As I strolled through different corners of Manhattan over the next couple of days, I begin to see these signs on the doors and in the windows of all sorts of restaurants, coffee shops and cafes. Yet, the posted grade was always “A”. That makes sense because if you were a restaurant owner and you earned a “D” on your sanitary inspection, you wouldn’t really want to flag that up to people considering eating at your place.

As I continued to stroll about the great big city that is New York, I began to wonder what other business-related report cards would you like to see before you made a purchase from that business?

(On a side note: New Yorkers – Is this something new?)


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