The Funny and the Concerning

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a list of some of the more ‘interesting’ search phrases that have brought visitors to our website. As always, the process of collating the lists for this sort of post brings us great amusement, and at times, concern.

So, here we go …

We hope we are not the only source of reliable information:

  • what are the risk assessment for an escalator?
  • a 737 plane
  • escalator myth busters
  • eyjafjallaj√∂kull

In the good/reasonable advice column:

  • avoid big crotch

Looking for social advice/guidance:

  • urinating in lifts in singapore

Questions for the commuter:

  • camel is one hump more comfortable?

We can only guess for what they were really searching:

  • dog and crotch and jump -smell -sniff -s
  • the family pees together
  • roman dog likes boys crotch
  • rapeseed deer
  • stuffed bactrian


  1. @Forkboy –

    Probably best to party with them at their place, or maybe even a safe neutral location like a pub or bar.

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