Overheard within the Editorial Office

Possibly overheard today within the chickenmonkeydog.com editorial office:

<begin conversation>

Technical Editor: So, what’s the post gonna be for today? Do you have anything in particular you want to publish?

Creative Editor: Nope. Hope ’bout you? Anything you want to see on there today?

Technical Editor: Well, let’s look at our drafts. Have you looked through those? Any jump out at you?

Creative Editor:
Um … nothing seemed brilliant. Probably why they are still drafts.

Technical Editor: Ok. Well, let’s see. Maybe we should do something different today. Out of the ordinary. Unexpected. Quirky.

Creative Editor: (sounding skeptical) Like what?

Technical Editor: Me, Technical Editor. You, Creative Editor.

Creative Editor: Hmm … back to me then. So much for my punt.

Technical Editor: (interrupting) Hey!

Creative Editor: What?

Technical Editor: Never mind. Silly idea.

Creative Editor: Ok …

(Long pause)

Creative Editor: Got it!

Technical Editor: What?

Creative Editor: An idea! I have an idea for today’s post.

Technical Editor: Great! Let’s hear it.

Creative Editor: We ask our readers to tell us what to talk about today. We ask then an open-ended question and they reply in the comments. We open the doors to a conversation … and just wait to see where it goes.

Technical Editor: (sounding incredulous) Um … think it will work? I mean, really, will it start a conversation?

Creative Editor: I think so. Can’t hurt to try. Right?

Technical Editor: Ok. I guess I’ll get that ready for today.

</ end conversation>

So, Dear Readers, what topic would you like to talk about as we gather ’round the office water cooler that is chickenmonkeydog?


  1. While others may not have been impressed with this particular post, I must say that I walked away… or rather, clicked away… rather enlightened.

    I honestly thought someone just posted something whenever they felt like it and then someone later said, “You’re not allowed to post anymore.”

    Now I realize that the posting process is carefully thought out, considered, and deliberate. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing your creative process with the rest of the world.

  2. @ Forkboy1965,

    I am not sure that bringing up that topic at the water cooler is such a good idea. Visiting such a website is NOT a good idea for people using a work computer, at the very least.

  3. The over abundance of casual misinformation by todays media pundits. I can’t tell you how often someone on a news magazine says something about a technology or a science item and misses the boat. Is this bad reporting? Are talking heads supposed to be able to understand what it is they are reporting about? Does anyone think that this will fade away in a few generations? Any examples?

  4. @ Jordo,

    That annoys me at times too, especially when I happen to know something about the topic being covered in the news report.

    What always gets me is that last little line that reporters throw out at the end of their reports, trying to be cute, witty or insightful. More often than not, those little one liners fail and demonstrate (as you suggested) a lack of understanding of the reported topic.

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