The Downside of Super Hero Capes

super hero cape issues

Having recently been in a spot of bother where I needed to use a less than overly clean public restroom, I got to wondering. What do super heroes who wear capes do when they need the restroom?

I was specifically thinking about Superman. His tight outfit would fit easily enough under a business suit, but what about the cape? Wouldn’t that bunch up? And how would he deal with it when needing to sit on a public toilet? He couldn’t really just throw it over the door could he?


  1. Over the shoulder.

    But in “reality”, people on television and in movies never need to use the bathroom. Watch any movie or show about people stranded for more than eight hours. They never worry about where they are going to relieve themselves. Why? Because fictional characters never have to use the facilities.

  2. @ Jordan,

    The “over the shoulder” approach would be functional, but it would be a pain to do every time. I think if I were to develop superhero powers, I’d elect for a no-cape uniform policy.

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