Seasonal Footwear

When the air temperature drops to single digits (Fahrenheit) and the wind-chill takes it below zero, I know it is the right day to swap from my flip flops, to my winter slippers.

Oh yes, I know that some folks out there wear slippers every day. Others even wear slippers at work.  But that’s not the life for me. I am a slippers-at-home-during-the-winter kind of guy.

(Lest we lose track, I believe this calls for an update of ChickenMonkeyDog’s Slipper-related post count.  It is now at 3.)


  1. I am totally not a flip-flop guy. No use for them. I’ll wear Crocs without socks, but generally speaking, I am a socks and shoes kind of guy. The shoes can be beat up and worn out for sure, but I prefer shoes.

    As for slippers, I wear them year round. And I like it that way.

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