Red Pepper Challenge

Canister of crushed peppers

Ok, Brainy Readers, it’s time for your Friday mental challenge. Stretch your thinking one more time this week and see if you can figure out the answer to today’s mind-teaser. It’s a real trickster, this one, so you will definitely need your thinking caps on!

Submit your answers via the comment box (or via our email address if you’re shy and we’ll post them anonymously in the comment box for you).

The Friday Challenge: Figure out a way to use the red pepper flakes inside this canister on the right side of this post (and possibly above this immediate sentence, depending on the font size you are using to view chickenmonkeydog).

The Very Simple Rules: You may not disobey the rule on the side of the canister:

Do not use if seal under cap is missing or broken

Ok, then. Do you all appreciate what the question is asking?  Understand the rules? The challenge begins … NOW!


  1. Ah the missing words ‘when you purchase it’. 🙂

    This is on par with a bag of cashews which says: “Allergy advice: contains nuts”.

  2. @ Mom:

    Wouldn’t poking hole in the bottom of a glass bottle mix shreds of glass with the pepper, rendering it totally unusable? 🙁

  3. Official update from the organisers of the chickenmonkeydog Red Pepper Challenge:

    The bottle containing the crushed red peppers is made of plastic. Our apologies for not making this clear earlier in the competition.

  4. @ Mark

    Since your comment was made prior to the update that the bottle is made of plastic, I wonder if you also thought it was made of glass. The idea of being sprayed with red pepper flakes mixed with glass shards is actually pretty intimidating. I like the creativity.

  5. 1 of most likely the most prevalent geniuses of peppers, known as the capsicum, is thought to get been in existence thousands and thousands of a long time back in present-day Bolivia, in accordance in the direction of the Chicago Botanic Garden’s Information and facts and Sources. But, the preliminary acknowledged cultivation of peppers happened in Mexico and Central, as very well as South America ten,000 years in the past.

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