Perhaps Not for Pancakes

"Pepo" Worm Syrup

I have to be honest here: I was too afraid to Google “Pepo” Worm Syrup.

That said, I may ask for it the next time I travel south and hit a Waffle House.

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  1. Great question. I also don’t know what worm syrup is, but I expect you’d be served it if you were a worm and went to “wormffle house” for Sunday brunch.

    Your post got me wondering about the idea of “things I’m afraid to Google.” Much has been made of the fact that big data knows so much about us and that Google can tell a lot about us by our search history. I stared wondering what the list of things we choose not to search says about us. Also, I wonder if Google could compare us to other people with similar search histories and then send us a list of “gaps,” that is, things we probably would like to Google search, but have not yet.

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