Party Like You’re Four!


Hey, hey! Chickenmonkeydog is four years old today! Can you believe how the time flies?

As we celebrate another successful year, we wanted to take this opportunity to give our readers some birthday gifts. All you need to do to enter is to leave us a comment wishing us a happy birthday!

(1) For people who have not commented here before, we’re giving away a FREE t-shirt to the first four who wish us a happy birthday. So, if you have never left a comment on our blog, simply be one of the first four to share your birthday wishes with us via the comments, and we will send you a FREE t-shirt. Yep … anywhere you live!

(2) For our wonderfully loyal and consistent commenters, we’re offering the chance to win a FREE coffee mug. If you’ve left a comment on our blog before, simply leave us a birthday comment and we’ll enter your name in our drawing to win a big chickenmonkeydog coffee mug. This part of the competition will close at midnight EST on Friday, 20 January 2012.

Thank you all for sharing in our quirky adventure for another year!


  1. Happy Birthday! Great to see plenty of quirkiness still coming through on all your posts! Best of luck for the coming year look forward to Birthday no.5!

  2. hapy berthday! i tryd to spell lik a for year old when posting this messege. keep up the kwerkeness

  3. Happy Birthday to the talented crew at ChickenMonkeyDog! So many great stories, ideas and musings to explore on this site.


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CMD!!!! I cannot believe how much you have grown in 4 years. I cannot wait to see how much bigger you get in year 5.

  5. Hey dogs! Happy B-day! Go get the chicks and let’s party like the bunch of crazy monkeys you are! Cheers!!!

  6. Feliz Cumpleaños a Pollo Mono Perro!

    Happy Birthday to Chicken Mono Perro!

    Happy Compleaños a Chicken Monkey Dog!

    Feliz…. ah, you understand.

  7. Augh!

    THIS is what I get for being off the web for a bit!

    Happy birthday to one and all at CMD. Belated, but sincerely meant.

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