DANGER! Bottomless Coffee

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cup of coffee

It’s morning and you’re enjoying breakfast at a diner. The food is greasy and tasty. You can feel your energy for the day building and you’re excited that you decided to eat here.  In fact, you’re so thrilled by the experience that you fail to keep tabs on an important factor.  This place has bottomless coffee.

Most diners do, in fact.

The kind waiter / waitress swings by your table every few minutes and offers to top off your cup.  You’re eating salty foods, and so you keep needing more to drink, so of course you say “Sure, fill ‘er up.

Generally, this endless stream of coffee is a good thing. It should be up to you to decide how much you want to drink.  That said, it’s risky business. With the constant refilling, the fact that most fills are not quite  a full cup and not quite a half-cup, it is quite easy to lose track of just how much coffee you’ve imbibed.  Before you know it, you could be 48 oz of coffee in and none the wiser!

So as you lift that next piece of delicious bacon off your plate and prepare to enjoy chomping down on it, watch out for that shaky hand or sudden loss of ability to focus your attention, that could be the sign that you may need to switch to water.

Notable Exception: To our friend who sports six coffee cups on his/ her desk at work, we’re pretty sure this danger is not going to be an issue for you.

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  1. What about the other danger of bottomless coffee? For those that enjoy some cream and sugar in their coffee every top off messes up the perfect proportion of cream to sugar to coffee ratio and you either have to deal with coffee not tasting the way you want it to, or stop eating and figure out a new ratio with the coffee that has recently been added.

  2. Great point!

    Although as I was preparing my tea this morning I got to wondering just how “perfect” and repeatable that ratio really is. Like, if you charted the amount of milk or sugar I put in my tea each morning over a month, how closely would they align?

  3. @ Jordan,

    Over the recent holidays, I asked a anesthesiologist about surgically removing my adrenal gland. I wonder if doing so would keep me more even keeled and less stressed, regardless of the situation around me.

    According to the doctor, it would not. I would still be stressed out and worried as all fell to pieces around me, I just wouldn’t have the adrenaline to deal with the matter.

  4. @Liam,

    You would also die. Adrenalin also resolves a great deal of allergen reactions. It is the standard cure for anaphylactic shock. It’s amazing that so many things in our bodies do double or even triple duty.

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