One Bean More

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16 bean soup mix
“Go out into the world and discover all beans, for I need them to craft the perfect soup.”

. . .

“So this is what bean counters are actually for!”

. . .

“So many species of bean. Just one soup.”

. . .

“Hmmm, this fifteen been soup is pretty good.  Still, I think it’s missing a little something.”

. . .

“When 32 bean soup would be overkill, but you know that 8 bean just wouldn’t be enough.”

. . .

Any other comments overheard in the kitchen when this soup was being prepared?

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  1. I would hate for this 16 bean soup mix to not be kosher….better just throw in some ham seasoning.

  2. I am gonna try to name 16 bean varieties without using Google:

    (1) Garbanzo (Chick)
    (2) Black-eyed
    (3) Cannellini
    (4) Pinto
    (5) Dark red kidney
    (6) Light red kidney
    (7) Lima
    (8) Green (string) beans

    Ok … I am done. I’ve got nothing else.

    Who else can add more WITHOUT using Google?

  3. “If you could be any bean in the world, what kind of bean would you be?”

    “I am a bean.”

    “What? What are you talking…”

    “I’m a human bean!”

    “Oh, lord.”

  4. (15) Runner
    (16) Broad
    (17) Butter
    (18) Soya
    (19) Mr

    Plus I think lentils are technically beans and there are millions of them!

  5. @ Maire, Conall, Jordan, + Pete:

    Now there is some international collective brainstorming! Today, we counted beans. Tomorrow, we solve global warming!

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