More Penguin Signage?

Today’s post comes to us from a reader in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, who saw the following just in front of Pier 39 in San Francisco, California.

anti-littering sign in San Francisco

Our reader writes to chickenmonkeydog via email:

My thoughts on the attached photo – does this indicate no littering, or does it ask people to not pick up trash?

Our own thoughts are perhaps even more confused: Is this another one of those signs aimed at The Penguin? And if so, what is it ordering him not to do?

Really, Sign Making Department at the City of San Francisco, if you’re going to spend tax-payers’ money on signage, could you at least spend a little of it on hiring a proper illustrator to create clear and meaningful graphics?

Our many thanks to the reader who shot the picture for this post! As always, we welcome contributions via email. Vive le mercedi!

(On a related note, check out the crop of the parking sign that our reader captured whilst taking the picture. ‘Time for towed cars’ is brilliant and perhaps a post for another day.)

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