Mystery Juice

Cranberry Lemonade With Another Juice

“Can you believe they are making us identify every juice in this drink? We already told’em it is cran-lemonade, why do they need more info? Oh well, just throw it on the label.”

“Sure thing boss. Only, one small problem, we don’t actually know what the other juice is.”

Thanks to a reader from Milwaukee for sending in this funny photo! We love sharing quirky observations from our readers, so shoot us an email and you could see your photo right here.


  1. Think it would have read better as “Cranberry Lemonade with other Juices”. The use of “another” definitely is awkward and amusing…….why wont they just tell us?????????? Who is doing the marketing/labeling?

  2. @ mark – “…with other juices” is not better. I am still nauseated at the thought of “other juices.”

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