Hot and Twisted

Today’s post comes at you from experiences during one of the more mundane daily tasks of my life. Running laundry.

Despite the number of times I’ve run laundry machines, I am stunned at how often I mess something up.

Forget the soap. Mix colors that bleed. Shrink clothes. Etc.

How frustrating!

Today I ran some clothes through the wash, loaded them into the dryer and set it on a thirty minute drying cycle. All fairly routine so far. After about forty-five minutes I come back to find that the dryer has stopped turning, but that the timer was only about three minutes gone out of the thirty.  Hmm, curious.

Wound up clothing

Opening the door, I found that the clothes were still quite wet, and for a bonus prize, they were twisted about two thousand times around each other. Apparently, while loading clothes, the elastic band from some of my gym shorts caught on the door latch.  All the other clothes had gotten twisted up in this mess too, so it took me five minutes just to unravel it all.

Not a good situation = Being stuck on to a stationary part on the inside of a dryer when the tumbling begins.

Who else has had random, quirky and perhaps frustrating laundry experiences to share?


  1. I managed to wash and then start to dry my cell phone. It was the bang-bang-bang of that RAZR in the dryer that got my attention.

    Now washing one’s cell phone isn’t necessarily a big deal on its own, except that I did it while in the process of moving from Chicago to Dayton. You can imagine the consternation in having one’s cell phone suddenly rendered useless during a major move.

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