Go Go Gadget Toilet!

A sign on the back of a bathroom stall door…

The toilet had a water-saving, dual-function handle: pull it up for #1 (liquid waste); push it down for #2 (solid waste).

Very cool.

But as an aside, are the terms “#1” and “#2” so universal that they can be used on signs in professional sports venues?  I decided that since Google answers all things, I could find the answers that way.  

It wasn’t as easy as I’d expected, and I finally got this relevant hit at the top of my results:  http://www.say-it-in-english.com/inthebathroom.html Apparently #1 and #2 are not the preferred terms in this situation, but I think I’ll keep searching for a more reliable source …


  1. Well, you have to give them credit for passing along the info in three different ways:

    # 1
    Liquid waste
    Single water droplet


    Solid waste
    Three water droplets

  2. I have some follow-up questions.

    (1) On average, does this kind of dual-flush system make enough of a difference that people would save money by having it in their house?

    (2) With all the automation that has been designed for bathrooms, has anyone designed a toilet that can detect the nature of the waste and adjust the flush amount automatically?

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