Er, Nice Dinner Suit

Ted's Formal Wear

Today’s post comes to us from a reader from London who recently returned from a holiday in New York City. Although our faithful reader could not recall the exact location of Ted’s Formal Wear, we thought his photo was priceless. If the shirts hanging from the awning fits Ted’s definition of formal, we would love to see his casual wear!

Many thanks to our London reader for the submission. Don’t forget: you too can email through your photos and observations for posting on chickenmonkeydog.


  1. two comments

    1– with the address being 155, i imagine that this fine establishment is downtown. i wonder what else is in the neighborhood when it comes to shopping. maybe ted’s place is the niciest place in the area

    2– is that a john deere t-shirt behind the blue t-shirt on the right hand side

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