Emperor’s New Clothes?

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After arriving in Heathrow airport, I was making the unreasonably long walk from my arrival gate to the baggage claim area. I seized the opportunity to ride one of the “moving sidewalks” or “conveyors” that large airports sometimes have. At the end of the ride, I was distrubed by this sign hanging overhead, commanding people to wear and maintain “see-through” clothes.

Warning end of conveyor keep clothing clear

Since the picture quality is low, I’ve reproduced the text of the sign: Warning end of conveyor, keep clothing clear

Who can tell if this was some trumped-up security measure to ensure nobody was packing weapons (unless the weapons were also clear!) or just the deviant work of some creepy airport employee? Nevertheless, I would like to encourage everyone flying through Heathrow to continue with the time-honored tradition of wearing opaque clothing.

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  1. This is what happens when messages for ‘end of conveyor’ are read by humans! They are clearly warning ‘end of conveyor’ to keep clothing clear of humans or some other barrier we aren’t yet evolved to see.

  2. @Shefaly

    Hmmm perhaps you’re right that this sign is directed at the conveyor, in which case I’m glad that the conveyor not only wears clear clothing, but also mass-less clothes. I believe it would be much more difficult to briskly roll my bag down a corduroy covered pathway.

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