Call for Interpretations

As I enjoyed a glass or two of wine the other evening, I spun the bottle around to read the label. (Notice a trend? I like reading labels.) I glanced at the icons in the bottom right corner.

icons on a wine bottle

No, those numbers weren’t on the label – we’ve added them because we want to ask you, our readers, what you think the icons mean. We weren’t entirely sure. After we discussed the matter, we hoped you might have some insight.

So, what’s your best guess about what they icons mean? We’ll start the guessing:

  1. This wine helps you achieve a modern balance of yin and yang. ‘DIE GRÜNE PUNKT’ must be German for ‘The Good Life’.
  2. This wine will stain your white tablecloth if poured directly onto the table.
  3. This wine will enable you to levitate rubbish from nearby rubbish bins.
  4. This wine will not relieve back pain in pregnant women.

So, come on. Jump in. Points awarded for creativity.


  1. 1. Die grĂ¼ne Punkt is the envious cousin of Die Blaupunkt. While the latter enjoys pride of place on Audi (and some other) dashboards, the former has to be content with being placed on beer bottles.

    2. The contents of this wine bottle will make a regular sized glass overflow. Caution. Or rather, Achtung!

    3. Can’t better yours!

    4. This wine will prevent pregnancy, or at least, so you will believe after 4 glasses.

    There, my humble attempts for your consideration!

  2. @ Shefaly –

    Well done! Creative indeed. I love the Blaupunkt reference. As for icon 4, that had to be your best. Very funny. I am laughing as I type.

  3. 1. directions on which way to remove the screw cap on bottle…all the fancy wines are moving away from the cork due to flavor and debris concerns.

    2. indication that this wine can be added to a large punch bowl for purposes of spiking….none of the fancy wines do this, but perhaps Mad dog will suffice.

    3. Drinking wine will make you feel so high you can slam dunk a basketball.


  4. @ Mark – Nice one! The fourth icon seems to be the one most open to creative interpretation.

    By the way, I hope the reference to Mad Dog 20 20 is a throw-back to one’s university days and not an indication of current tastes.

  5. @ Liam – Thanks for the link on MD. I had not visited that particluar brand in some years, and was not aware that they now offered such variety in color and flavor. I hope they are not giving up anything in the lack of quality they previously offered by branching out.

  6. @ Mark – I seem to recall there being various colours available when I was at university, but I am proud to say that I never tried the stuff. Well, I certainly don’t recall ever trying the stuff.

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