Year of the Meg

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Year of the Meg

Dear Readers,

We have some big news to announce today! We wish we could say it is GOOD news, but let’s just say it is BIG!

Our brilliant friend and humorist Meg, who joined CMD as an author just about one year ago, is moving on to see what else the world of online creative writing has to offer. We’ve had an absolute blast having her on board and enjoyed the Meg-twist on our quirky outlook.

Please join us in wishing Meg a fond farewell! We hope she’ll continue to contribute by submitting guest posts (just like all of our readers can, including you)!

And with a flap of the wing, a beating of the chest, and a wag of the tail we at chickenmonkeydog wish Meg all the best!

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  1. Wow, thank you! What a fantastic farewell! It has been an honor from Day One of this adventure.

  2. @ Johan

    Thankfully we can happily report that the dire economic times which forced layoffs at so many workplaces in the last year did not strike CMD. As expressed above, we’re sad to see Meg go, but happy to have had her wit and charm for so long!

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