Winner! Vehicle Lifting Caption Contest

A few weeks ago we ran into a bit of trouble captioning a picture taken by our foreign correspondent and we decided to ask you for help.

Favorite Caption Submitted: Beware of “Vehicle Lifters”…they are usually not toilet seat lifters. – Srinivas

Runner-up favorite: Governmental PSA: If your vehicle is lifted and you feel pissed off, please follow procedure as given above. – Bibhash Dash

If you’re one of the two folks who submitted these comments, watch your email for a note from chickenmonkeydog asking for a mailing address where we can send you this CMD t-shirt!

ChickenMonkeyDog t-shirt

Though we can’t give everyone awards, we want to say thanks to everyone who responded with all those hilarious captions. Your replies kept the editors laughing for a while.


  1. Mr.Srinivas’s caption is very appropriate indeed looking closely at the pictorial leads! Congrats on his winning your Prize!

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