Why Choose Metal?

Metal garbage can for sale
A trip to the store.
A glance at the merchandise outside.
A metal garbage can for sale.

I wonder, why would anyone buy a metal can (other than aesthetics) when a plastic can is likely lighter, less likely to rust, quieter to use and potentially even on wheels.

Then I saw the hook.

Longer lasting than plastic

Depending on your usage environment, the metal might be more durable.

Longer lasting? Where does that come from? I recall hearing that “nearly every piece of plastic ever made still exists” and that plastics can take millions of years to deteriorate. If that is true, surely metal would last less long, and perhaps that’s a good thing!


  1. It depends on the use case. Are we talking geological timescales. Or the having-to-by-another-stupid-trash-can-again timescale. Metal is way more durable.

    Also, I don’t know about other metals, but lead does not decompose. After trillions of trillions of years the universe is likely to be nothing but lead dust. I imagine a lead trashcan floating around in the midst of that dust.

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