When Close Isn’t Close Enough

A 100% smoke free room

This little sign about my hotel room being 100% smoke free was comforting as I let myself in earlier this week.

As I stepped into my room and closed the door, I thought a little more about that sign. Would anything less than 100% smoke free really be of any value? “Well, I guess only 3% of people who’ve stayed in this room smoke in it, so it’s still smells pretty smoke-free.”

What other situations fit into a similar mold, where anything less than 100% isn’t really going to cut it? Here’s my list so far.

(1) 100% nut free
(2) 100% alcohol free
(3) 100% shark-infested free waters

What can you add to it?


  1. 100% free free (Gosh, that sweater is 30% free!)
    100% satisfaction guarantee
    100% cat free home

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